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China Pharma Holdings Acquires Dry Eye Disease Therapeutic Device Project

December 8, 2022 at 2:09:12 PM

China Pharma Holdings has announced the acquisition of dry eye disease (DED) therapeutic device project. This device has a patent.

Epidemiological research shows that the incidence rate of DED is about 25% to 30%, and the incidence rate of people over 65-year-old is 75% in China. According to the Research Report on the Market Status of the Global Dry Eye Disease Drug Industry in 2022, the market size of DED drugs in China in 2021 was approximately RMB3.85 billion (approximately $0.55 billion), resulting a 12.4% year-on-year growth.

In the field of DED and visual fatigue, this product will fill in the market gap of medical therapeutic apparatus.

Li Zhilin, CEO of China Pharma said, "Due to the increasingly developed technology, the time and frequency of using the electronic products have significantly increased in recent years. In addition, with the aging of the population, DED has become the largest ophthalmic disease in China, and the diagnosis and treatment rate is expected to maintain an upward trend for a long time. What we acquired is an ophthalmic oxygen enriched atomization therapeutic device with a patent technology. This device is to fill in the vacuum of the current market demand in devices to treat DED, visual fatigue and other problems, as well as recovery after eye surgery. We plan to launch it to the market next year. We are confident that the launch of this product will bring excellent treatment experience to every DED patient, which will also boost the company's sales. "

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