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Leading investment banking and advisory firm with a global focus on providing premier solutions for Asia



We advise on many of the largest and most complex corporate situations and transactions

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Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing expert guidance to our clients in resolving complex financial situations.

Collabrium Partners is a leading global financial advisory firm, with a particular focus on Asia-related situations. Our extensive knowledge, vast network of connections, and deep understanding of the business environment make us the ideal choice for clients seeking to navigate the Asian market.

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Investment Banking

Corporations, organizations, and institutions around the world rely on our reputation as a global leader in investment banking. Our advisory and capital-raising services are recognized as among the best in the industry, we contribute the value creation for our clients.

Merger & Acquisitions

We’re very strong in cross-border M&A transactions in Europe, US, Japan, Korea, and SEA corridors. Our business covers healthcare, industrials, technology, telecommunications, consumer, energy, automotive, and others.

Strategic Advisory

Our strategic and tactical team comes with years of experience from various sectors. We advise boards and management teams on how to successfully develop relationships with and communicate their strategies and M&A transactions to their shareholders.

Capital Restructuring

Collabrium Partners is equipped with global master minds and offers different approaches to assist our clients in solving financial difficulties. Tactics of capital allocation, capital injection, and restructuring and thoughtful solutions from our team will help our clients overcome financial challenges.

Private Placement

Collabrium Partners has an excellent track record of private placement projects involving the sale of securities to a relatively small number of select investors. Investors targeted include wealthy accredited investors, large banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, and pension funds. 

Special Committee

Our special committee advisory practice is driven by our business principle and commitment to independent, innovative, client-focus to offer unbiased opinions. In many cases, this involves advising a Special Committee of the Board of Directors which has been formed due to the conflicts with a possible transaction. 

Independent Advice

In some situations when managing a corporation, independent advice is critical to shareholders and the executive team, as Collabrium Partners is an independent investment banking firm, we are uniquely positioned to give out independent and unique advice to help our clients assess business decisions. 

Art Gallery

Asset & Wealth Management

Large multinationals and emerging companies, institutional investors and individuals all turn to us for capital, insights and solutions.

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Medallion Initiative Fund

Medallion Initiative Fund invests in cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking scientific advancements, supporting continuous efforts to realize our commitment to science for a better life.

The world is propelled by the advancement of new technologies. At Medallion Initiative Fund, we value the opportunity to collaborate with global technology leaders and offer unwavering financial support to drive innovation toward success. We believe that every new invention deserves recognition and admiration.


Our people are the most valuable asset of the company

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At Collabrium Partners, each and every person plays a vital role in our success. For us, it’s about bringing best people together to make things different. 

Our people is the key intangible asset for our firm. In today’s dynamic and continuously changing business world, it is our people that differentiate our firm from competitors. We want our colleagues to be equipped with the right skills to meet the demands that their role entails, and offer them a range of opportunities to deliver and develop their career.

People & Culture


Client First

  • Client satisfaction is our top priority

  • Timely communication and transparency

  • Collaborative problem-solving


  • Encourage independent thinking

  • Create sustainable value

  • Embrace diversity and integrity


  • Commitment to longevity

  • Innovative leadership

  • Forward-thinking approach

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Industry Coverage


We serve a wide range of important players in multiple industries

We have business team of professionals covering major industries to provide value added solutions to solve complexity. The deep understanding and connection to the high-level executives and entrepreneurs in the sectors enable us the ability to seize every business opportunities.

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"Collabrium Partners is a leading investment banking firm that offers rich resources for professional training and leadership. We provide new opportunities for you to grow your practice and continue to deliver financial advisory services that help your clients achieve their financial goals.  "

Students & Graduates

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