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Our business covers a wide spectrum of industries, and we have successfully advised many complex transactions across various industries. We had a dedicated team of professionals to support our clients' needs.

Petri Dish


Collabrium Partners' team of professionals and its advisors worked on most landmark transaction in healthcare industry

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The team of Industrials involved and advised large-scale mergers & and acquisition transactions and restructuring projects 

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Collabrium Partners advised a large amount of transactions in consumers for industry consolidation

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Thanks to our years of experience in the agriculture industry, we provide special opinion to our clients for their decision-making

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Business Service

We contribute lots to the evolution of business services industry and advised many large deals and special situations

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Collabrium Partners has a dedicated team to support innovative tech, media and telecoms businesses

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Transportation and logistics are becoming more important these days, and we have achieved several milestone transactions

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Financial Service

Collabrium Partners has been working with global leading financial institutions across banking sector

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We've advised many large scale transactions in the energy sector and has deep connection with leading companies

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Collabrium Partners' team of experts and executives provides independent insights, analysis and services

Bitcoin Tower


FinTech is growing rapidly in the past decade, we are on of the key services provides in China and Southeast Asia

Image by Tiomothy Swope

Real Estate

Our team of professionals provides strategic advisors and investment analysis to the real estate corporations

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We've advised many transactions in luxury goods and expand business horizontally and vertically 

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Paper & Pulp

The P&P team works with leading global players in the industry in their business expansions and Industry consolidations

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The firm is deeply involved in the infrastructure industry by providing advisory services and independent opinions 

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